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  Collin County is a unique blend of new leading edge urban mixed with traditional rural values. A little bit country and a little bit cosmopolitan with a whole lot of friendly makes this an enviable home in the heart of North Texas. We are not just the Metroplex's country cousin. We have shopping malls, historic cities, old town squares, beautiful parks, a lovely lake, plenty of really friendly people, and a Community College. We hope you will come share it with us.

Business & Tourism

  Traveling in Collin County for pleasure or business can be a wonderful experience. Plan your business meeting or vacation away from the DFW Metroplex. We have Motels, Bed and Breakfast Inns, camping and RV parks as well as meeting and event facilities here to serve you. U.S. Highways 380 and 75 cross in the center of the county giving you easy access to wherever you need to go. Enjoy a vacation or business meeting with us. For tourism or business, we are the place to be.

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 If you live here or are just planning a visit, you can find all the resources and information you need for each city. While putting together your vacation or business trip, you will need to know the weather and what is happening in the area. Some history and an idea of what is available is a good idea as well. You also need directions and maps. Photos can help too. Feel free to look around. Use our online search. You can find it all with us.

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Our Goal

  It is our goal to provide you with information and resources for Collin County, its cities, businesses and communities. As a tourist, event planner or business, knowing what is available is important. We hope you will agree that this is the best place to find the information and resources you need while planning your visit, as well as while you are here.

  If we have, or haven't, met our goal, or if you know of a web site that should be listed here, let us know with some feedback. When you visit a business listed here, let them know where you found them. You might also consider linking to us.

Moving to Collin County? These resources should help:

Collin County, Texas Online
General information for Collin County Texas. This is the official county site
Collin County Sheriff's Office
Information and resources related to the Sheriff's Office.
Collin County Regional Airport (KTKI)
TKI offers easy access to surrounding cities, fewer delays and superior infrastructure and services.
Collin County Central Appraisal District
Property Records, Property Maps, Forms, Protest Procedures, Exemptions and Rates, Certified Totals, District Information



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Collin County Information

  Collin is one of 254 counties in the state of Texas. It covers some 886 square miles in North Central Texas. About 38 square miles of this is water.


  The center of Collin County is located about 33°11´ north latitude and 96°34´ west longitudemap. Nearly all is within the Blackland Prairie region of Texas.

Collin County Government.

  The Texas Constitution makes counties functional agents of the state. At the heart of each county is the Commissioners' Court. The Commissioners oversee the general business of the county.

Mission Statement:
The Commissioners' Court approves the annual budget and all county expenditures, sets the county property tax rates, approves the tax roll and determines public works policy such as building programs and conducting elections. The court appoints most non-elected department heads and standing committees and represents the county in state and regional matters. Members of the court also serve as Trustees of the Collin County Health Care Foundation, Collin County Housing Finance Corporation, and the Collin County Substance Abuse Foundation.
Current Courthouse.

  The main courthouse is at 2100 Bloomdale Rd. There are several Sub-Courthouses throughout the county.

County Sheriff

  The current County Sheriff's Office and Detention Facility (Prison?) is located at 4300 Community Ave. McKinney, Texas 75071. Tours are available. Contact the sheriff's office for information.

  The Juvenile Detention facility is at 4700 Community Ave. - McKinney, TX 75070..

The Old Collin County Prison

  For information about The Old Collin County Prison, go here.


  As they say: If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. We have our cold and hot times of the year, but the general climate is humid sub-tropical, according to the experts.

  If you like the outdoors and a place that actually has seasons, you will probably like it here. The high in the summer is generally in the 90's and the low in the winter is normally above freezing. Of course, there are exceptions. :)


  Good education is always a concern. Along with our Independent School Districts (ISDs), we have a Community College (CCCCD) and other college level educational facilities to serve you.

Public Transportation

  Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Rail provide public transportation to many cities in Collin County.

Collin County Railroads

  If you are seeking information about railroad history in Collin County, or just trains in general, look here.


  You will find plenty to do here. There are parks, bike and walking trails and plenty of scenic views. We have museums to visit in almost every city. Collin County is rich in history. Go here for Tourism & Visitors information.

Local Business

  If you have a business website or know of websites that should be listed on this site, check to be sure they are not already listed and then let us know via email to the

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  We would like to invite you to visit us when you can. We think Collin County is great! Come share it with us!

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