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  Anna is positioned 33.35 degrees north of the equator and 96.54 degrees west of the prime meridian. It is 1202 miles from Anna to Washington D.C. and 221 miles from Anna to the Texas state capital as the crow flies. For those of us that want something easier to understand, Anna is on State Highway 5, Farm Road 455, and the Southern Pacific Railroad eleven miles northeast of McKinney in north central Collin County.

  According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 4.3 km˛ (1.7 mi˛), all land.

Starting out


  The town of Anna was organized in 1883, and the land upon which it stands was owned by Capt. James L. Greer. Although Collin McKinney settled within a few miles of the future townsite in 1846, the first building of any kind ever erected was put up by Mr. John F. Greer. The building was a residence and was built in 1883.

  The Houston and Texas Central Railway, at that time building between Dallas and Denison, passed through the area in 1873.

  The town of Anna was incorporated in the year 1913 and John F. Greer was elected mayor without opposition and served the term, was elected the second time but declined to serve and Dr. W.C. Bryant was elected.

Post Office

Anna Post Office
Post Office

  The post office opened on 29 May 1883 with Wm. Y. Barnett as Postmaster. John F. Greer was the second post master for Anna on 13 Jan 1885. The current Post Office is located at 312 N Powell PKWY Anna, Tx. 75409-9998

Through Time

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  By the time Anna was platted in 1883, it had a population of twenty, two stores, a steam gristmill, and a Baptist church. By 1890 the town had a population of 100 to 200.

  Two years later the Greenville and Whitewright Northern Traction Company built the Greenville and Northwestern Railway between Anna and Blue Ridge via Westminster. The line proved unsuccessful, however, and was abandoned in 1920.

  Anna's first bank, the Continental Bank, was organized in 1902, and the Collin County State Bank was organized in 1913 with R. C. Moore as president. The population of Anna was 538 in 1929 and 467 in 1931.

  Some sources suggest that the community was named after Greer's daughter. Others report that the town was named in honor of Anna Quinlan, daughter of George A. Quinlan, former superintendent of the Houston and Texas Central. Still another story suggests that Anna Quinlan was the wife of George Quinlan and the daughter of J. L. Greer. Finally, another story attributes the name to Anna Huntington, daughter of C. P. Huntington, who built the Dallas-Denison railroad line. In the mid-1980s Anna had 855 residents and several businesses. The population was 904 in 1990.

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