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Starting out

  There are at least three loctions in Texas named "Fairview". This one is a town in Collin County, Texas, United States. The town was incorporated in 1958 with a population of 50.


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  Fairview is located at 338'54"N, 9637'11"W (33.148326, -96.619741). For us that want someting understandable, that would be about FM 2786 and State Highway 5. The amount of land area in Fairview is 41.026 sq. kilometers.

  The town is adjacent to the 289-acre Heard Wildlife Sanctuary, which hosts more than 240 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians and nearly 150 species of wildflowers and other plants. Heritage Ranch, a 575 acre residential development for senior citizens, was created in the late 1990s. Major airports in the area include DFW and Love Field.


  Fairview is served by two public school districts. Most of the town is in the Lovejoy Independent School District. The McKinney Independent School District serves the western side of Fairview (west of Meandering Way) and a small area in the far northeast.

Through Time

  A petition to request an incorporation election for Fairview was submitted to the county judge and commissioners' court on April 21, 1958. Fairview came into existence following an election held at what was called the Fairview Grocery on May 7, 1958.

  When it came time to name the new community, both Fairview and Wetsel were considered, but the Fairview name was chosen to honor the by-then Colonel George Apple, who helped lead the incorporation process. According to original Fairview resident Lillie Mae Knight, "See, the old man, Mr. Sam Apple, was George Apple's father, and George, really, was the leader of getting this little town built, you see." Bill Glover, Sr. was elected the first mayor of Fairview.

  A water system was built in 1966, with water purchased form the nearby North Texas Municipal Water District, which then, as now, took its water supply from Lake Lavon. The original town water tower is no longer in service, but does still stand along the north side of Stacy Road in old Wetsel, a reminder of the town's past. The first wastewater, or sewer, service began in Fairview in 2001, in conjunction with construction of the Heritage Ranch development.

  In 1960 the population of the newly consolidated Fairview was shown to be 175. The population in 1970 reached 463, and by 1980, it was up to 893. In 1990 there were 1,554 residents. In 2000, the population was counted as 2,644, in January 2004 it was estimated at 4,100, and by January 2006 the population had soared to 6,303.

  Fairview's first municipal park, Creekside, opened in autumn 2004. Its second park, Beaver Run in the Thompson Springs subdivision, in 2006, thanks in part to a matching grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. A third park, in Summerhill Farms, will be built using a matching grant from Collin County, and still a fourth will be built by the developer of the Greer tract.

  In the fall of 2005 the Fairview Town Council appointed a commission of fifteen local citizens to write a home rule charter for the town. In Texas, municipalities may change from general law to home rule once they reach 5,000 in population. Fairview's home rule charter was finalized by the charter on March 2 - Texas Independence Day and was approved by popular vote on May 13, 2006.

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