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Starting out

Frisco started as a watering hole and whistle stop, first along the Shawnee Trail and then along the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad.

It was originally named Emerson, after Francis Emerson, who owned the farm where the townsite was located. Emerson, a McKinney banker, had promised to place a national bank in the town if it was named after him, but the bank was never established.

Frisco was incorporated in 1908.


Frisco is on State Highway 289 and Farm Road 720 twelve miles north of Dallas in west central Collin County. For the more technical, that is about 33񵁠9"N, 964847"W (33.141263, -96.813120).

Post Office and Trains

A Post Office was established in 1902 and the town was renamed Frisco City, in honor of the St. Louis, San Francisco and Texas Railway Company, popularly known as the Frisco system. This was later shortened to simply "Frisco"


Most of Frisco is a part of the Frisco Independent School District. Some parts extend into Lewisville Independent School District, Little Elm Independent School District, and Prosper Independent School District.

For higher education there is the Preston Ridge campus of the Collin County Community College District which opened in August of 1995, and the Dallas Baptist University.

Through Time

The origin of the railroad that gave birth to Frisco began in 1849 in the state of Missouri. The Pacific Railroad Company was granted a charter to build a line from St. Louis to the western boundary of Missouri. Fifty-three years later, the line had become a part of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad.

With fewer and fewer cattle drives, businesses and residents began moving toward land with rail access. Some physically moved their houses from Preston Road to what is now downtown Frisco. T.J. Campbell literally placed his home on logs and rolled it into the city where it still stands as a historical monument.

By 1869, the laying of track, which would become part of the Frisco line, was completed in Texas. In 1902, one such line was completed from Denison to Carrollton through the center of what is now Frisco. Men at depot stations along the San Francisco line soon shortened the name to "Frisco".

In 1904, the people selected the name "Frisco City" for their town in honor of the railroad that founded the young city. It was soon shortened to "Frisco" and today is experiencing a thriving business economy and continues to develop and prosper.

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