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  According to the maps, Frognot is located on FM-981 between county roads 628 and 671 ("+33° 18' 13.00", -96° 21' 35.00"). This is just a little bit east of Blue Ridge Texas.

  One of the interesting things in Frognot is the water tower, or tank. It has a caricature of a frog painted on it. There are two water towers that I know of. One is on FM-981 (33.302911,-96.339842) and the other is on HWY-78 (33.338211,-96.402313).

  I have been informed that the water tanks are a part of the "Frognot Water Supply Corporation (WSC)".


  I discovered this place while chasing a hot air balloon. We turned on to a road and there was the water tank with a frog painted on it. When I started this site, it was only natural to include Frognot.

Just some bits and snatches that have been unearthed

  Thanks to Ted Wright, We now know that Frognot received most of its publicity from Ira Boren, a Frognot ham operator and Otis Dixon, whose general store was full of ceramic frogs given to him by customers. Dixon attended classes in the old Frognot log school and had pictures of the children attending many years ago. Today a sign and a big green frog painted on a water tower are all that remains of this Collin County landmark.

  Thanks to Wendall, from Blue Ridge, I learned that there once was a gas station and diner there. Both are long gone, but the sign still hangs on a pole there.

  Ken proposes this story: I've been told that the name was given to Frognot many years ago after an extreamly heavy rain when there was still a school house there. When the rain stopped the teacher opened the door to see how much flooding there was. She was amazed to see a big group of frogs huddled on the front steps in search of high ground. She decided to make this a learning event for the class. She asked if anyone knew what they called a group of frogs. No correct answers were given so she said it was a "knot". From then on the community was called Frognot. Can this story be verified? A knot can be used to describe a group of anything, including frogs.

  Cliff Dunn writes: I was going to run my wife by our old special place to drive back in High School when I lived in Garland, Texas. In high school we would sometimes drive out to Frognot in the middle 60's. The store and gas station were there then. The store was, ... I think I remember "open". The gas station was "closed" with the very old gas pumps still in place. But, It was on the North side and West of the location you have the tank of water shown in your picture. The store was a wooden structure but the water tower was an 80' tower with a 2000 gallon water tank on top. Yes of course the reason for going was the frog painted on the side of the water tower. I can still in my mind see that old store and gas station. Don't know of a school, but it could have been gone by then.

  Tony Mabes writes: I have lived in Frognot for over 30 years. My property is on the south side of FM 981 about 100 yards east of the location of the Frognot Store. The old schoolhouse was located north of that road about 200 yards east of the store and its only remaining artifact is a concrete storm cellar that is big enough to hold 25 or so kids.

  Bob Clark writes: I was raised on the county line rd ,north and west of Frognot. Just north of the old Westmoreland school. Which was about three miles from Frognot. Went to Desert School and we played Frognot one year in baseball when the school was still there. Also, my stepdad had a farm about a mile from Frognot. My stepdad is buried in Blue Ridge cemetary which is on county rd 981. Oh by the way when we played Frognot in baseball that was in the late forties. At that time the westmoreland school building was still there. My stepdad,s children went to school there. As time goes by, my memory sometimes crosses facts, the name of the school on countyline rd was either Westmoreland or Moreland. There was at one time a store there.

  According to Dwayne Richardson: The community was called Frognot, and the school was Dixon. My greatgrandfather, Stephen Box, donated the land for the school. It is still in the family. Several of my great uncles and aunts went to school there.
The school northwest of Frognot was Moreland named after a local family.
An historical marker was put on the Dixon School lot.

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