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  McKinney is at the intersection of U.S. highways 380 and 75, thirty-two miles north of Dallas. That's about 33°11'50"N 96°38'23"W (33.197210, -96.639751), or however you want to say it. The old Town Square is a bit east and south of there.

Post Office

  The first post office was also established in 1848, and Joel F. Stewart became the postmaster. Following Stewart were:

  • Lovejoy, John L., 10 Nov 1848
  • Martin, Leonidas M., 6 Feb 1852
  • Haynes, John W., 26 Jan 1855
  • Stiff, David, 13 Jan 1857
  • Lowry, Thos. A., 6 Mar 1860
  • Engle, B. F., 29 Mar 1860
  • Pegues, G. H., 5 Aug 1861 (CSA)
  • Thomas, J. K., 9 Oct 1862 (CSA)
  • Carty, Jas. B., 10 Feb 1863 (CSA)
  • Estricher, Wolf, 19 Aug 1864 (CSA)
  • Thomas, Jas. W., 29 Nov 1865
  • Chastain, Jos. I., 19 Dec 1870
  • Thomas, Jas. W., 20 Mar 1874
  • Cox, Wm. T., 14 Feb 1887
  • Smith, Hugo E., 7 May 1890
  • Cameron, Missouri A., 23 Apr 1894
  • Smith, Hugo E., 31 Mar 1898
  • Cole, Sam'l. H., 15 May 1908
  • Burton, N. A., 1 May 1913
  • Wilson, Wallace C., 21 Jly 1922

  The 1911 Mckinney Post Office was designed by architect J. H. Suttle. The building is a characteristic and well preserved example of an Italianate Post Office. The tile roof, ornamental columns, eaves and window configuration are common to the American Post Office after 1910. These elements and the three bay arched recessed entry define the facade. It was the fourth Post Office to serve the area, the structure was deeded to Collin County by the Federal Government in 1959 and in 1982 became a Collin County Museum.

  The current Post Office is located at 550 N Central Expy Mckinney, Tx 75070-9998

The Mural in the 1911 Post Office building

  Titled: Confederate Company Leaving McKinney, 1934
  The triptych mural depicts a scene in 1864 that was witnessed by the artist’s grandmother on the McKinney Courthouse Square – a block from the museum. Klepper painted his grandmother into the foreground of the main panel.
  In the mural the mounted men were volunteers for a Confederate spy unit - a group formed by orders from Brigadier General Ben McCulloch. As the men leave – a casket containing the remains of the same General McCulloch is being transported to Austin from Little Rock.
  McCulloch had been killed in action at the Battle of Pea Ridge in Arkansas in 1862 and his remains exhumed and sent to the State Cemetery in Austin.
  It is one of the few post office murals based on a particular event.
  The painting was moved to the 1960 post office, but after restoration it was placed back in the foyer of the original 1911 post office building – back in its former place.


  McKinney is served primarily by the McKinney Independent School District, but some western areas of McKinney are zoned to nearby Frisco Independent School District and southern areas to Allen Independent School District.

Colleges and Universities

  McKinney is the home of the Central Campus of Collin County Community College, also known as 'Quad-C', which opened in January 1986.

Noted people born in McKinney

William (Haystack" or "Haystacks) Calhoun
A professional wrestler, who used the professional name "Haystack" or "Haystacks" Calhoun. The gargantuan wrestler was one of the foremost drawing cards during the industry’s "Golden Age" of the 1950s and 1960s while sporting his trademark white T-shirt, blue overalls, and horseshoe necklace. He is recognized as being among the chief pioneers for the sport’s super-heavyweight attractions.
Josh Duhon
An American actor. He was born Joshua Wilson Duhon in McKinney, Texas, and stands 6'. Josh Duhon joined the cast of General Hospital in March 2007 as Logan Hayes, Lulu Spencer's eventual love interest. He left the series in September 2008.
Roy Furr
Former president of the Furr's chain of supermarkets and restaurants. In 1929 he moved to Lubbock, where he bought six grocery stores, the beginning of the chain. Furr's, Inc.
Tom Kite
Thomas Oliver Kite, Jr. (born December 9, 1949) in McKinney, Texas. He began playing golf at age 6 and won his first tournament at age 11.
Otho Nitcholas
Otho James Nitcholas (September 13, 1908 - September 11, 1986) was a Major League Baseball pitcher who appeared in seven games, all in relief, for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945. The 36-year-old rookie right-hander stood 6'0" and weighed 190 lbs.
Guinn Smith
Owen Guinn Smith (May 2, 1920 – January 20, 2004) was an American athlete, the 1948 Olympic champion in the pole vault.
J. Michael Tatum
John Michael Tatum (Born May 25, 1976 in McKinney, Texas) is an American voice actor who is better known by his stage name J. Michael Tatum he is most well known for portraying Shizuka Do-meki in Funimation's English language dub of the hit series xxxHOLiC and Kyouya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club
James W. Throckmorton
James Webb Throckmorton (February 1, 1825 – April 21, 1894) was an American politician who served as Governor of Texas from 1866 to 1867 during the early days of Reconstruction. He also served as a United States Congressman from Texas from 1875 to 1879 and then again from 1883 to 1889.
Dudley Wysong
H. Dudley Wysong, Jr. (May 15, 1939 – March 29, 1998) was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour in the 1960s.

Through Time

McKinney Texas Photos
McKinney Photos

  McKinney was named for Collin McKinney, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and author of a bill establishing counties in the northern part of the state. On March 24, 1849, William Davis, who owned 3,000 acres where McKinney now stands, donated 120 acres for the townsite. Ten years later McKinney was incorporated, and in 1913 the town adopted the commission form of government.

Collin McKinney
Collin McKinney

  For the first 125 years of its history McKinney served as the principal commercial center for the county. The county seat provided farmers with flour, corn, and cotton mills, cotton gins, a cotton compress and cottonseed oil mill, as well as banks, churches, schools, newspapers, and, from the 1880s, an opera house. Businesses also came to include a textile mill, an ice company, a large dairy, and a garment-manufacturing company.

  The population grew from 35 in 1848 to 4,714 in 1912. By 1953 McKinney had a population of more than 10,000 and 355 businesses. The town continued to serve as an agribusiness center for the county until the late 1960s.

Mural in Old Downtown McKinney

  By 1970 McKinney was surpassed in size by Plano. McKinney experienced moderate population growth, from 15,193 in the 1970 census, to 21,283 in the 1990 census. By the mid-1980s the town had become a commuter center for residents who worked in Plano and Dallas. In 1985 it had a population of just over 16,000 and supported 254 businesses. Since then, McKinney's rate of increase has been much more dramatic. In the 2000 census, McKinney had grown to 54,369 with 2,005 businesses, and in the Census Bureau's 2006 estimate, the population was 107,530. The NCTCOG's 2007 population estimate for McKinney is 112,000.


  McKinney is served by two U.S. highways: US 75 and US 380. Collin County Regional Airport is also located in McKinney. The city is also bordered by State Highway 121 (S.H. 121); portions of the highway are currently under construction with the intention of creating a toll-based roadway. Unlike nearby city Plano, the DART light rail train does not currently access McKinney. However, future plans may include utilizing existing railway for the project to reach the city.


McKinney Depot
McKinney Depot

  Farmers and manufacturers were able to ship their goods on the Houston and Texas Central Railway, which reached McKinney in 1872, and, beginning in 1881, on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad. From 1908 to 1948 the Texas Electric Railroad, running from Denison to Dallas and Waco, served McKinney.

Military Presense

  In 1943 the United States Army built the 1,500-bed Ashburn General Hospital (now the McKinney Job Corps Center) in McKinney.

Natural Disasters

  On May 3, 1948, the county seat was struck by a tornado that killed three persons, injured forty-three, and destroyed an estimated $2 million worth of property.

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