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About Collin County Railroads:

  One thing was for certain. Without the railroads, western development would have been slow, if not impossible. This follows all the way to the city and town level.

  In Collin County, the railroad first arrived in the form of the Houston & Texas Central. The line came up from Houston Texas in 1872 and continued on to the Red River. As with many towns, Plano and Richardson moved to where the railroad was. According to old maps of the era, Plano was originally in the northeastern part of Collin County.

Kiamichi Railroad

  The town of Allen was originally a watering station for the railroad. Steam locomotives used a lot of water and needed places along the tracks to refill. The railway dam for the railroad still stands at Exchange Park and the train depot is now a museum. The first train robbery in Texas was believed to have been at the Allen Depot.

  Without the Houston & Texas Central, the towns of Anna, Melissa, and Van Alstyne would not exist since they were created by the railroad. Residents from a town named Mantua created the town of Van Alstyne when Mantua was bypassed by the railroad. Melissa Texas was settled in the 1840s, but grew rapidly when the railroad moved through. The origin of the name for the town of Anna is debated, but it is sure that no town would have existed without the railroad.

Kiamichi Railroad

  After the Houston & Texas Central came the East Line and Red River, also known as the Sherman, Shreveport, and Southern. This line came to McKinney in 1886 and went from Jefferson through Farmersville and Lowry Crossing. Princeton texas came to exist due to this railroad. The line itself was discontinued in 1941, but parts are still in use.

  About 1886 came the Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe. This line started at Wylie, which moved to the tracks and was renamed from Nickelville. The line went through Clear Lake and Copeville, and exited at Farmersville. The town of Sachse was born when William C. Sachse donated land for the right of way in exchange for the station being named Sachse. This line is still in use.

  Better known as the Cotton Belt, the St. Louis Southwestern made its way through the county around 1886. The Cotton Belt went through Renner, Plano, Murphy, Wylie, Lavon, Nevada and Josephine. Renner is now a part of Dallas.

  In 1902, the St. Louis San Francisco & Texas, also called the Frisco, made its way through Collin County. Bypassed by the railroad, the town of Celina businesses and houses were placed on rollers and pulled to the current town site by traction engines. Frisco Texas was originally called Emerson and later changed its name to Frisco. It is believed that railroad official named the town of Prosper because of the prosperous living conditions there.

Kiamichi Railroad

  Finally came the Greenville Northwestern. Part of the Greenville-Whitewright Northern Traction Company, it was supposed to go from Greenville to Gainesville. All that was constructed was the section from Anna through Westminster to Blue Ridge. This section was opened in 1914 and closed in 1920.

Kiamichi Railroad

  While steam and diesel engines were fine for moving people and goods over long distances, the overhead was too much for commuter travel between cities and towns. The Texas Electric Railway Interurban provided much needed commuter access in North Central Texas from 1916 until 1948.

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